Wally Palmer – memories shared

I am feeling overwhelmed this morning, having borrowed Wally Palmer’s file of notes on village history from the Memorial Hall. Whenever any of us had questions, the cry of ‘ask Wally!’ would sound. He gave me so much information and I like to think Sam and I also helped him with copying dvds, digitising photos and the like. Some of the photos I made for him are in the file. I’ve read a lovely little snippet about trees on the road to Swindon, that I’ll share in a moment but the bit that brought tears to my eyes was:

‘I remember as a boy Captain Brown’s sheep being driven up Lottage and round to West Street. It was of great interest to the people. I can’t imagine the road rage if it happened today.”

It’s a post-script that really got me,

“IT DID (2007)!, no rage – Jo Hutchings has photos”.

A dear man, much missed and helping me still through those notes to get ready for the exhibition in the Memorial Hall for the Aldbourne Remembers weekend.

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