Aldbourne History in Toccoa, Georgia

Passing on a message from a visitor to Aldbourne.

My family and I visited your wonderful village this past July and as a former member of the 506th Infantry, I was honored to my core that your population has not forgotten my Currahee forefathers.

I was humbled to stand in the Blue Boar to have a pint of bitter where men like Lewis Nixon and Richard Winters had meals and socialized during down time whilst awaiting the orders to take mainland Europe back.

For Christmas this year, my wife suggested that we take a trip to Toccoa, Georgia, where the regiment was founded since it is only 6 hours from our home. I have shared some of the photos I took above. There are some inside and outside photos of the stables the men stayed in. I am told that these were disassembled in Aldbourne and reassembled in the Toccoa/Currahee Museum.

I also included a photo of the flagpole at the pinnacle of Currahee mountain and a view of the lowland from near the top. Again, chills ran down my spine while standing in the footsteps of these men and I felt moved to share them with you all.

David Thompson – December 2018


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