George Marshall Watts

Scouts in Aldbourne 1910 (including Clifford Brown) GMW centre
Newspaper cutting 1933 courtesy of Wiltshire Museum, Devizes

In 2014 I happened to be in the Post Office when I overheard a gentleman asking for Whitley Lodge, the former home of George Marshall Watts – his great-uncle. I’d found out a little about GMW from Terry Gilligan in terms of the history of Scouting in Aldbourne. It was a pleasure to learn more family history and show our visitor George Marshall and Fanny Jane Watts’ grave in St Michael’s Churchyard. Mr and Mrs Watts were in Aldbourne for the 1911 Census, living at South View (the old name for Beech Knoll); then they moved to Wootton Bassett, thereafter returned to Aldbourne and lived in Castle Street. We often visit the grave. This year the snowdrops have been slow to appear, but I’m happy to report green shoots have finally emerged.

This is my favourite photo of the snowdrops (so far!). After the snow in February 2018

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