All Aboard the Aldbourne Express

Way back in 1999 I was puzzled by a photo of a postcard. It was part of the preparations for the Aldbourne Civic Society exhibition in the Old School Room, Millennium Festival 2000. This coloured image appeared in the brochure for the exhibition. I don’t recall ever seeing an actual old post-card, so if anyone has it tucked away in a shoe-box …?

No source information for colour version
Greyscale version is in the Aldbourne Civic Society archive: Aldbourne Flier, 1908, APC 217

Matters became a little clearer when I spotted a newspaper article this morning (as usual, I was looking for something else!)

Another Wiltshire Railway Scheme – On Friday a private meeting was held at Aldbourne to hear explanations of a scheme for a new railway between Hungerford and Swindon, via Ramsbury and Aldbourne. Explanations were given by Messrs. Kinneir and Tombs, of Swindon, and the meeting supported the proposal. It is intended, it is stated, to solicit the help of the Great Western Company for the scheme.

Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette 12 July 1883

In other news, on the same page of the newspaper:

Proposed Railway Bridge across the Channel – a bill brought forward by M. Achard, the object of which is to obtain powers to make soundings preparatory to the construction of a railway bridge over the English Channel from Cape Grisnez to Folkestone, was distributed yesterday to the members of the French Chamber of Deputies.

The hawk-eyed amongst readers will have noticed that there is a bit of a time-lapse between the article in the newspaper and the possible date of the postcard. It may well be that discussions continued about the project for some time. With a spot of on-line research, it seems that Martin Anderson designed postcards from the late 1890s, and then formed his own postcard company in 1902.


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