Pillow Fights for a New King

North Wiltshire Herald 1937. Source: Wiltshire Museum

I’ve been revisiting my notes on the Coronation Celebrations for King George VI that took place in Aldbourne on 12 May 1937.

It has been fascinating to find and link together photos and newspaper reports to establish a snapshot for this HUGE village party. My friend, John Brown, has fond recollections of the day, especially the delicious tea in the Manor Barn. Other villagers have shared their child-hood memories of singing ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ with the Aldbourne Band.

The chestnut tree was planted by Beryl Perrett and Kenneth Martin – see Tree Planting by the Pond 1937

‘Eatwell’s Team’ emerged victorious in the Tug-o-War – see Tug of War Tradition in Aldbourne

It is a source of great regret that I still haven’t tracked down any photographs of the Bicycle Obstacle Race, but there has been a breakthrough on the Pillow Fights.

The winner was Reg Slade (who also finished second in the Bicycle Obstacle Race), with J Bowes as runner-up. The Judges were Mr A V Jerram and T D Barnes. Sadly, photographs of the 1937 event are not (yet!) available but Lisa Barkworth has very kindly supplied photos from an earlier competition. Surely a time of laughter and fierce competition, there must have indeed been an epic battle to welcome the new monarch on this day in 1937.

Possibly late 1920s. Source: Stacey Family Album

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