Brind & Wakefield #RememberedHere

Three gravestones in St Michael's Churchyard, in the village of Aldbourne.  Family names are Brind and Wakefield
Family headstones in St Michael’s churchyard, Aldbourne

A follow up to Wakefield & Brind, posted 21 March 2020, especially for #WarGravesWeek. Three family headstones commemorating lost sons.

The ornate carving on Thomas Brind’s headstone has weathered rather better than the lettering. The Monuments Digital Record on the Aldbourne Heritage Centre website has the following entry:

[In memory ]/ Margaret Ann/ wife of/ Thomas Brind/ who died/ 12 November 1876/ aged 31/[ ]/Mary/ wife of/Thomas Brind/ [ 10 ] June [1924 ]/ aged [ 75 ]/ Thomas Brind/ died March [1927]/[ ] /[ ] / [inscription should also refer to Sergt Colin Brind, died in France 1914]

1st Bn Wiltshire RegimentDied 26 October 1914LE TOURET MEMORIAL
Panel 33 and 34

The headstone for John and Martha Wakefield has a military badge at the top. I’m no expert but it seems likely to be the King’s Royal Rifles. Colour Sergeant Wakefield was, ‘undoubtedly the oldest living Rifleman at the time of his death’ in 1940 at the age of 94. He was also the oldest member of the Aldbourne & Baydon Royal British Legion. He joined the 60th Rifles in 1870. A newspaper report at the time of his death relates that John Wakefield took part in the ‘famous march from Kandahar to Kabul under Lord Roberts’. He called his house after that march and the name carries on in Aldbourne to this day. The headstone records the loss of the couple’s eldest son in France on 21 March 1918. Martha Wakefield died in 1928.

2nd Bn Wiltshire RegimentDied 21 March 1918SAVY BRITISH CEMETERY
I. E. 7.France

Finally, Thomas Brind’s grandson, Derek Thomas Brind, is commemorated on his parents’ headstone. Derek was the only son of Joseph Belcher and Annie Brind. The family were able to contact Derek’s own son in Australia a few years ago.

Royal EngineersDied 24 August 1944 BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY
VIII. F. 20.France

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