A Mystery Postcard – Aldbourne Carnival?

1909 postmarked postcard Wiltshire Museum – Wiltshire Life Society AVGB GBP367

This mystery began (for me) in July 2014 in the library at the Wiltshire Museum, Devizes. One of my colleagues showed me this photograph of a young person with a decorated bicycle. The photograph is a laminated reproduction, part of the Wiltshire Life Society collection.

We spent some time trying to track down more information, to no avail.

In October 2014, the curator of the Aldbourne Heritage Centre confirmed that a similar copy photograph was part of the village collection.

The Millennium Book of Aldbourne has a note about the origin of Aldbourne Carnival and mentions a parade of decorated bicycles in 1905. So it is possible that this photo is therefore one of the earliest showing an entry for the village carnival. In fact, the image was used to promote the 100th Aldbourne Carnival in 2015. It has remained in my Aldbourne Archive as a mystery to be solved ‘one day’.

Last year an original postcard appeared on eBay and is now with local historian Graham Palmer. It was a fantastic find!

There are still mysteries to be solved. Who were Miss Annie Cox, Lizzie W and Harry?

Any and all suggestions welcome!

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