William George Deacon (1893-1973) Aldbourne Band

Aldbourne Photographic Club/Civic Society ‘1925 Quartette APC 168’ Names kindly supplied by the late Mr Cyril Barrett (l-r): William Deacon, Wilf Jerram, Fred Barnes, Joe Alder – centre Albert Stacey.

William won many medals for his fine euphonium playing. He can be seen on Aldbourne Band photographs from 1909 through to 1932. William received this medal at the Wokingham Quartet Contest in 1929. “The Aldbourne Silver Prize Band acquired several successes at the contest. They won a silver cup, five medals and a baton for the conductor, and Mr Bert Palmer was awarded a medal for the best instrumentalist of 12 quartet parties”. Thanks to Ashley Jones and Graham Palmer for sharing their research, and also to William’s grand-daughter Lynn, who kindly sent the medal to Ashley for the Aldbourne Band Heritage collection.

The quartet party at Wokingham in October 1929 “consisted of Messrs J G Alder (solo cornet), W Braxton (second cornet) A Palmer (tenor horn) and W Deacon (euphonium). The test piece was by Beethoven. Mr J G Alder was the conductor.”

North Wilts Herald 1 November 1929

See also, William’s wedding photo – Mystery Solved – Wedding 1917.

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