70th Anniversary of the Accession of Queen Elizabeth II – Sunday 6 February 2022

St Michael’s Church, Aldbourne

The Union Flag will be flown from the tower of St Michael’s church, Aldbourne, on Sunday 6th February, to mark the 70th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II on 6th February 1952.

At 5.30pm 70 rounds will be rung on the church bells – the same bells that have been rung for various occasions over the past few hundred years, but this is the first time they’ll have been rung for a Platinum Jubilee.

“Rounds” is the name given to the bells ringing in order down the scale from the smallest bell (with the highest note) to the largest (with the deepest note) – in our case this is our Tenor bell, cast in 1516 – the one you hear when the clock strikes the hour.

On Sunday 6 February 2022 you will also hear the bells being rung down. Please note there is no Evensong service at St Michael’s Church on the 6 February 2022, but the bells will be ringing in the morning as normal to call worshippers to church for the earlier than usual (10am) Holy Communion service.

Jenny Greaves / https://www.facebook.com/WhittonTeamNews

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