Desmond Trevor Wootton – 1924 to 1941

My thoughts have been directed today towards the WWII names on the Memorial Hall and in St Michael’s Church.

From a certificate downloaded from the HMS Hood Association website in May 2021

On the anniversary of the sinking of HMS Hood, the cheerful face of Desmond Wootton always comes to mind. 17 years old and one of 1415 lives lost on 24 May 1941.

I often pause and read the names on the Aldbourne War Memorial Hall, and am gradually learning more about each of the names thanks to friends, archives and the shared memories in our village. Today’s research has been to help sort out information for the 100th anniversary of the Memorial Hall, and the exhibition planned for this coming July. It has been interesting to delve into the Hall Minutes and find that the British Legion sought permission to install a third memorial tablet on the Hall in July 1947. At a later Committee Meeting the design was accepted, leading to the unveiling and dedication of the plaque we see today on the Hall. A service took place on 20 June 1948.

Memorial Hall Minutes 1947
Memorial Hall Minutes 1948
Aldbourne War Memorial Hall
St Michael’s Church, Aldbourne

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