Aldbourne in Art

In May 2020 Art UK set up Curations, an on-line tool that allows anyone to curate their own group of artworks within the ArtUK website. This has provided me with a great opportunity to gather some of the art inspired by our village, the people and the surrounding landscape.

Click on the image ‘Cottages at Aldbourne’ by Ambrose McEvoy to see my Curations gallery

‘Cottages at Aldbourne’ by Ambrose McEvoy (1878-1927) Birmingham Museums Trust an Art UK Founder Partner

My gallery is a work in progress, because together with the obvious works, where Aldbourne features in the title or description, I have gathered several that have a connection with the village in some other way.

For example, ‘Silver and Grey’ by Ambrose McEvoy – his portrait of Gwen, his sister-in-law and wife of playwright Charles McEvoy (1915). The portrait was painted five years after ‘The Village Wedding’ took to the stage at the Malt House, Aldbourne.

Other notables are H.J.P ‘Jimmy’ Bomford of Laines, who presented artworks that helped establish Swindon’s renowned collection of modern British art, including ‘Composition’ by Jankel Adler, who lived in Castle Street. More about Mr Bomford will follow, with links to Swindon Museum & Art Gallery and Art on Tour 2020.

Also in the collection are Thomas and Ruth Lowinsky who arrived at the Old Rectory, Aldbourne in 1945. The curated works include a painting presented to the National Gallery in remembrance of their son, Lt. T.M.F.E. Lowinsky, killed at Anzio in 1944.

There’s always the chance that other village connections will surface!

My plan is to branch out towards other on-line collections and projects; such as ‘Water Colour World’ and ‘Creative Wiltshire’ – so more soon!