Past and Present: WI in Aldbourne

100 Years of the Women’s Institute: Resolutions by the Decade – Aldbourne Carnival 2015
Aldbourne in Westminster 1948

If you partake of Facebook, you may like to visit the Aldbourne WI Group. I was browsing recently and followed up an announcement there about the Resolution Selection Results for 2022.

Women and Girls with ASD & ADHD – under-identified, under-diagnosed, misdiagnosed, under-supported

Women and girls presenting with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are going undiagnosed. The NFWI calls on the government and funding bodies to fund research into the female presentation of ASD and ADHD, and for action to be taken to improve the diagnosis process for women and girls, to ensure that they are equipped to better manage these conditions and do not suffer in silence.  The NFWI further calls on WI members to raise awareness within their WIs of the issues facing women and girls with ASD and ADHD.

The Women’s Institute is democratic and member-led, and the resolutions process is unique in putting members at the heart of decisions about our campaign activity. Every issue that we campaign on stems directly from a resolution put forward by members and adopted at the Annual Meeting. WI members have a unique opportunity to turn a concern into a national campaign every year, backed by the whole of the WI.

A resolution is a call for change on a current issue in society. Once a resolution has been adopted at the Annual Meeting, the Public Affairs Department turns it into a campaign. Through national and local campaigning, members play a key role in achieving change on important issues.

Read more about our campaigns in our Centenary Report.

Honor Liddiard (writing for the Parish News in 1968) recalled that “The WI was formed here in 1918 … On reflection, I think I was the first delegate to go to London from Aldbourne. I was chosen one summer day at Upham House, where we were being entertained by Lady Currie. The meeting I attended was not in the Albert Hall, but at Central Hall Westminster. Reporting on the meeting to our own WI, it may have been nearly fifty years ago, but I was just as nervous as I am speaking today.”

Thanks to the Aldbourne Community Heritage Group sharing this photo on their Facebook page, and those lovely folk who contributed details we know this was the 50th birthday of the Aldbourne WI. Annie Slade (left) and Louisa Stacey cutting the cake.

Ending with a final note about the Women’s Institute and Resolutions, this newspaper cutting reports on a WI meeting in 1937 when members spoke on the resolutions put forward in that year. Click here to read the WI Centenary report published in 2018. Additionally, this document lists all NFWI Mandates from 1918 to 2021.