Aldbourne Oral History Project 2007

Autumn in the Square, Aldbourne

The Aldbourne Oral History Project contains accounts from many contributors sharing their memories of events and life in this Wiltshire village (prior to 1953).

Two cds were published in 2007 by David Lee, supported by the Oral History Project Group, on behalf of the Trustees of the Aldbourne Memorial Hall, Oxford Street, Aldbourne, Wiltshire. This undertaking would not have been possible without the personal support of many members of the community and the financial support given by village organisations, businesses and individuals.

The “Complete Highlights” contains the accounts from 44 contributors and was designed to be played on a computer; the “Edited Highlights” contains 36 accounts and was designed specifically for audio playback on a cd player. This enabled the project to be distributed to the widest possible audience. Copies of the CDs are still available to buy from the Aldbourne Community Heritage Group. The sound files have also been published on the Aldbourne Community Heritage Group website.