Christopher McEvoy

Christopher and Charles McEvoy in Aldbourne. Letters and photographs (eBay) now at Wiltshire Museum, Devizes DZSWS:MSS.4218

Christopher was the elder son of Charles and Gwen McEvoy. Christopher died on 12 October 1944. He is buried at Mook War Cemetery.

Christopher and his brother Patrick embraced the Romany life in 1934, setting out with tent and pony drawn trap on Salisbury Plain and beyond. Their wanderings were recorded in The Gorse and The Briar, written by Patrick and illustrated by Christopher. The book was acknowledged at the time and since as a Bohemian treasure, evoking rural Wiltshire in sunlit pre-war years.

Jo Hutchings - Aldbourne Archive

Thank you to Michael Day for permission to use these photos.  I was extremely moved to hear from Michael today (18th Feb ) that he had visited Tower Hill Memorial and taken a photo of the panels listing the names of the captain and crew of  Dione II.

Freshford War Memorial by Michael Day Freshford War Memorial by Michael Day Flickr

Patrick McEvoy was the youngest son of Charles McEvoy. Patrick was born in Aldbourne in 1915.  Following the death of his parents, he and older brother Christopher went to live with their Aunt Mary (McEvoy nee Spencer Edwards) in Freshford, Somerset.  Mary was the widow of Charles’ brother, Ambrose.

Just prior to the outbreak of the Second World War Patrick published a book, illustrated by Christopher, called ‘The Gorse and the Briar’.

A reviewer in the Rochdale Observer 7 January 1939 said

“The Christmas season has given me something I shall remember for a long time…

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